Like any piece of equipment, an irrigation power package only makes you money if it’s doing its job. That’s why we design irrigation packages to deliver dependable irrigation power, high performance, and world-class fuel economy in hot, dusty field conditions.

Our Packages:

  • Meet the needs of your application
  • Remain durable and reliable in the toughest conditions
  • Meet all current EPA emissions regulations
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Our engineering staff works as a partner with original equipment manufacturers to find a power solution that best fits their application. We’ve worked hands-on with a variety of equipment from forestry, construction, frost protection, material handling, street pavers to harvesting equipment for nuts, tomatoes, and lettuce. 

If you need a power solution for your piece of equipment, Western Power Products is here to help. 

All our engines meet current EPA regulations.

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Our generator drive engines are ready when and where you need them. They provide fast response for standby situations and exceptional load recovery in all applications.

  • Power range from 30 to 500 kVA
  •  Durable and reliable design
  • Power you can depend on

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